Valerie Maynard

Valerie Maynard ⁣⁣[1937-⁣ ⁣ sculptor, printmaker, curator, writer, teacher, designer, activist, Ms. Black Aesthetics.⁣

Valerie Maynard was born in Harlem, NY. She earned a M.A. in sculpture in 1977 and is the recipient of many distinguished grants and awards. Her works dominant themes are social inequality and the Civil Rights Movement.

She has a permanent installation, commissioned by the New York City MTA Arts in Transit, which is a mural (glass mosaic on mezzanine walls and above stairs), Polyrhythmics of Consciousness and Light, which was installed on 125th Street/ Lexington Avenue subway station in Harlem, New York in 2003. ⁣

“What Can I Do About All Of This Injustice?” Woodcut on Rice Paper.⁣

Selected Links

“Interview Mildred Thompson/Valerie Maynard,” ART PAPERS, July/August 1990, Vol. 14, issue 4.

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