About Us

Black Women of Print (BWoP) was founded in October 2018 by Tanekeya Word, a Black woman, visual artist, art educator, scholar and fine art printmaker who resides in Milwaukee, WI. Word was interested in creating an equitable safe place for Black women printmakers who were underrepresented in the discipline of printmaking, a space that is eulogized as democratic.  

“I wanted to create a place where intergenerational Black women printmakers could form bonds like Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs and Elizabeth Catlett. From Mid-Career to Established printmakers, it is my hope that we all can learn something from one another, support one another and also have a home so that the world can get to know the intersectional narratives of Black womanhood and our creative processes.”

-Tanekeya Word

Black Women of Print is an African diaspora centered platform, a digital homeplace for independent, Mid-Career and Established Black women printmakers. The organization serves as a place to support and promote the visibility of Black women printmakers and as a professional member directory of Black women printmakers who practice within the field.

How We Serve

⟶ We center the intersectional narratives of Black women printmakers.

⟶ Accessible education is at the core of our praxis and we provide free digital content, as a culturally relevant teaching tool, to a global audience.

⟶ We create critical discourse on past, present and future representations of Black women printmakers for equity in printmaking through digital content, institutional and media partnerships, panels, webinars, art lectures, annual portfolios and exhibitions.

⟶ Via digital programming, we promote the visibility of Black women printmakers from an emic perspective.

⟶ Our members expand their skill level through varied professional development classes and support groups within the organization.

⟶ We encourage agency and assist novice printmakers with introductory supplies and mentorship to explore printmaking and ensure a future within the discipline of printmaking. 

⟶ We pay homage to the Black women printmakers who came before us and share their scholarship, so that they are not hidden and their praxis is expanded through present and future Black women printmakers.

Black Women of Print is not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all donations are not 100% tax-deductible, yet it supports our mission to promote the visibility of Mid-Career and Established Black women printmakers, via accessible educational outreach, to create an equitable future within the discipline of printmaking.