On Black Interiority + Printmaking | Session 1: Deborah Grayson

April 2023
Cohort II Member, Deborah Grayson sits with Founder, Tanekeya Word to talk about leisure, books and art.

Monthly Member Feature: LaToya Hobbs

June 2019
I made the decision to pursue art as a career in 2007. A few years earlier I was unhappy working as a Biology major and decided to get back to the things I enjoyed. I stated taking art classes and that eventually led to me changing my major to art. Once I redirected my focus everything changed for the better and doors started to open in ways that I did not expect. I applied to graduate school at Purdue University to get my MFA in Printmaking and Painting and was awarded a Teaching Assistantship that covered my tuition and provided a monthly stipend. My graduate school experience was very instrumental in laying the foundation for my career as a practicing artist and educator.