She. Her. Hers. Black.

Tanekeya Word

At the center of her scholarship is the exploration of subaltern spaces: Black interiority in the United States of America and the cultural connection to identity, history, memory, and re-memory. Coining the term everyday fantastical to describe her art, Tanekeya utilizes portraiture, nature, material culture and Black artistic cultural production, such as oratory and literature, to examine the depths of everyday Black women’s spatialities—real, imagined and lived practices.

Tanekeya Word was born in the Mississippi Delta and those memories are rooted within her praxis.  

She earned a BA in English and Afro-American Studies, 2006, from Howard University and studied Painting under James Phillips of AfriCOBRA. Word has a MA in Arts Management, 2011, with a concentration in Visual Arts and Development from American University. Tanekeya completed her doctoral program course load in May 2019 and is currently an Urban Education PhD dissertator with a specialization in Critical Race Theory in Art Education.

Tanekeya Word is based in Milwaukee, WI and is the owner and sole operator of Womanist Press Studio.

Printmaking Techniques: relief print (linocut, woodcut, letterpress), screenprint, intaglio (dry point, soft ground + hard ground, solarplate, experimental), lithography, monotype, risograph


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