She. Her.

Dr. Deborah Grayson

Cohort II Member
Deborah Grayson creates work about the interior lives of Black people and how they fully live in their lives. In her work Grayson is interested in capturing the nuance, beauty and dimensionality of Black lives that often gets drowned out by the necessity of always having to say truly obvious and basic things like Black lives matter. Kevin Quashie tells us that there is heft and history in everyday moments.

For Grayson, the freedom to wonder about and wander into these spaces – to recognize and relish these moments–provides an opportunity for more expansive ways of seeing and being. Grayson works to grow and evolve her practice in ways that represent the fullness of the matters of Black life.

Deborah Grayson was born and raised in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, Maryland. (Go-Go for life, Can’t Mute DC). She earned a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland, College Park and an MA and PhD in American Studies from Michigan State University where her areas of concentration were literature, history and science. Grayson is an independent scholar and workshop facilitator. Her studio is located in NE Washington, DC.

Printmaking Techniques: relief (woodcut, linocut), screenprint, intaglio (dry and wet etching, solarplate), lithography.


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